Just when some of us were unsure we’d make it through the heat of finals, Bowdoin dining came to the rescue with its annual holiday dinner. This plate of sienna-toned comforts was a warm reprieve from the cold and stress. Beside my bowl of pumpkin bisque, observe the roasted Maine root vegetables, cool waldorf salad, and slice of moist pumpkin bread (a little dessert with the main meal to whet my sweet tooth). The carrot & sweet potato tzimmes were my favorite of the veggies—so sweet, and cooked to tender perfection.

What a spirited hunk of cheese. Moulton really dished out the holiday cheer.

I was only temporarily torn between the various dessert options before I opted for the blueberry cobbler, my favorite of the fruit cobblers here at Bowdoin. Tonight, the buttery crumble atop the blueberry had just the right amount of mush to its crunch.

I shouldn’t sign-off without a brief tribute to the other dessert of the evening: the notorious Bowdoin Log.

Is it irreverant to admit that I’ve never been much of a fan of the Bowdoin Log? I enjoy the spirit of them, but chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream doesn’t do it for me like a bowl of blueberry cobbler and vanilla yogurt. I borrowed my friend’s serving for the photo op, though, so I can’t speak to the eating experience the other night. It sure looks beautiful, doesn’t it?  –Lucy

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